Rottiserie Chicken (Lemon Soy)

Well I decided to cook a chook this weekend. I actually prepared the marinade on Saturday and kept it in the fridge overnight.  I also wanted to use the rotisserie to see if it made a difference. Anwyay results and recipe (easy) below.

The recipe:

2 Tbps Lemon juice
2 Tbps Soy sauce
Rind of 1 lemon
3 garlic cloves
Pepper and Salt

Mix all the ingredient together and place in plastic bag, butterlfy the chicken cut in half and add to bag; Marinate overnight;

Prepare BBQ for a high temp cook I had the temp around the 450F mark throughout this cook.

I placed the chicken (and some corn) in the rotisserie:
Rotisserie Chicken on the Komodod Kamado

I cooked it for about 35-40 minutes (had to remove the corn a bit earlier). I notice that 1 side of the BBQ was cooking at slightly higher temps than the other…hmmm

Anyway after the cook was finished I served up and the result was pretty good.
Rotisserie Chicken Pieces

Rotisserie Chicken Piece

All in all an easy cook with a good result. Lessons learned from this cook is not to rottiserie butterflied chicken unless 100% sure the temps are equal in the BBQ (must be have been too much charcoal on one side). Anyway the chicken was tender and the skin was good.

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4 thoughts on “Rottiserie Chicken (Lemon Soy)

  1. Derek

    Re: the uneven heat
    looking at the picture could be your chicken was offset in the rotisserie basket consequently one side of the chook was always closer to the hot walls, just a thought
    rgds Del

  2. Pittsburgh BBQ

    the lemon gives it a great sour flavor which i love. I always use lemon in my cooking, but I always have in mind the quantity. if you put too much it will not be so tasty. and yes, always use wood fire when cooking meat. it gives a greater flavor

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