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Review of Heat Beads Barbecue Starter vs Weber Charcoal Chimney

It’s been a while but my Weber chimney has finally given up (after 4 years not too bad). I searched and searched but could not find any Australian retailer that stocked these chimneys. On the forum I found out that Heat Beads also has barbecue starter (as opposed to a chimney) so I decided to get me an Aussie one! I could have ordered one from Amazon as well but I like to change things up!

Anyway I did compare my “old” and trusty Weber chimney with the Heat Beads barbecue starter and the differences are as follows:
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Gadgets (replacements/additions)

Well, I ordered a new instant thermometer for my good friend Chris (Urbangriller) in Perth. I should hopefully arrive next week and I will out it through it’s paces and blog a review about it!!

I’m also replacing my trusty Weber chimney with an aussie Heatbeads one (if BBQs galore have th new version instead of the “old” one which seems to be smaller. Again this purchaes will be celebrated with a blog review.

I did a couple of BBQ’s this week, ribs, pork chops and salmon (no photo’s) As soon as I can get my eye-fi to wor (which should make my photo transfer a whole lot simpler) I’ll do some more bloggin with photo’s.

In the meantime happy Q-ing and blog u soon!