Midweek Chili and Garlic prawns

Yeah I know it’s holidays but I reckon it is a midweek cook (as I didn’t have mcuh time nor did I want to spent a lot of time). Anyway we decided to have some shrimp on the barbie, and since we both like prawns, garlic and spicy the choice was easy: Chili and Garlic prawns!!! Continue reading

BBQ Adventure: quick porkchops (with Hog Waller rub)

Again not too much time (mid-week) so just used my trusty Weber to cook up some pork chops with some grilled asparagus. Also wanted to comment that although I make my own rubs it’s sometimes convenient to buy per-made ones, I found I nice Texan one sucklebusters that does some excellent rubs. For these porkchops I used a rub called Hog Waller. Continue reading

BBQ Adventure: Chicken in white sauce on KK

Well I finally found some time to cook on the BBQ. Decided to cook a couple of chooks. They’re easy and if I cook two it usually means leftovers so more effcicient (and delicious). The recipe I chose was an Alabama style chicken in a white sauce (yeah, I’ll post the recipe on the forum!). Strangely enough the sauce has vinegar (and mayonaise etc.) but it actually seems to “work”; it tastes great with the smokey flavour of the chicken. Continue reading

Stoker vs Guru – Which one to use

I discovered something interesting (or it may just say something about me) about my guru/stoker usage. Depending on the length of the cook and perhaps the “complexity” I tend to either use my guru for some and my stoker for other cooks. So what am I trying to say here? Continue reading