Aussie Charcoal from Riverina

Hi one one our posters (and manufacturers of charcoal) send me the following photo’s of the charcoal manufacturing process.

Looks like an interesting method:

1. You get some woodFirst find the wood

Then you light it and let it turn into charcoal (yeah I know lot’s about the process (sorry Peter), I believe the technical term is “smouldering” (cough cough I may be wrong).

Turn the wood into charcoal

The next step is to place the charcoal into bags. Hmm who is that guy with the sunnies?

Fill the bag with charcoal

A selection of the bags and some sample charcoal.

Some of the various packaging and sample charcoal

On a pallet all ready to go.

Pallet with charcoal

And that’s the story…

This company can be contacted via:

Peter Yeoman
Mobile 0417202220.
8 Castle court Ballarat
Victoria 3350

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