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Crispy Duck

1 approx 2.0 kg whole duck (peking preferred)
1/2 orange (cut in half)
1 red onion (quartered)
1 cinnamon stick (broken in half)
sea salt to taste
freshly ground black pepper to taste

Ingredients for roasted duck

Clean the duck ensuring the complete parson's nose (tail) and some of its surrounding are removed; remove all excessive fat, neck and the last joint of the wings. Rinse the duck inside out and pat fry with some paper towels.

Rinsed duck with ingredients

Sprinkle pepper and salt into cavity and on the skin; place cinnamon stick, onion and orange into cavity. Close cavity using a toothpick

Duck with closed cavity

Prick the duck skin all over trying not to actually pierce the meat.
In the meantime ensure that your BBQ is at approx 240F (120C) for cooking and add smoking chips approx 5 minutes before putting the duck on the KK smoking chips (if you choose to use smoking wood). Place duck on BBQ using a baking tray to catch the juices. These fat drippings can be used for other cooks (for example to do baked potatoes.........delicious!!!)

Duck on KK with tray

After 1 hour turn the duck and prick some more holes into the skin.

After 1 hour turn the duck and prick some more holes into the skin.
Turn up the heat until it reaches about 390F to really crisp up the skin

Duck on KK with tray/ browned

Remove duck from KK and rest for 5 minutes until it's ready to be carved up.

Duck ready to be carved

Carve up duck and eat eat eat (yeah the taters aren't in the photo!)....

Carved duck + carrots