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BBQ Safety BBQ-ing is serious business and (especially in summer) check for fire restrictions and/or bans; Always have someone stay with a lit BBQ and avoid have children running around close to a lit BBQ; Wear attire suitable for BBQ-ing you may think you look good cooking a BBQ in your speedos in summer but it's a recipe for AAARGH; Keep your BBQ away from any combustibles or even wooden walls; Keep water and/or sand handy in case of an emergency;
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BBQ Etiquette Since this is an Aussie site Aussie rules apply. When a BBQ chef is cooking on his BBQ always let him use his own methods of BBQ-ing. Even when his steaks are on fire and the food looks like the charcoal it was cooked on (and tastes like it) DO NOT OFFER ADVICE! If however the BBQ chef ask for your suggestions (he would never ask for help) then by all means offer your comments. All the men gathered around the BBQ have very specific roles that can range from getting the stubbies to transferring the food from and to the BBQ. There will always be a trusted fellow BBQ chef who will be second-in-command. He is the only one besides the BBQ chef who may handle the BBQ utensils and the food cooking on the BBQ in case the BBQ chef is away from the BBQ. The BBQ chef is like a captain on a ship and should never leave the helm however in case of certain requirements involving bodily functions (and usually stubbies) he can leave the BBQ and hand over temporary command to another trusted BBQ chef.
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Starting your BBQ We'll mainly deal with firing up charcoal BBQ's, the gassers have their piezo starters and or (in case of older BBQ's) use a long lighter to light the gas. There are a number of methods for lighting charcoal:

  • Use a chimney (weber has a great one) if you don't know what a chimney is you can find it on the Photo's gadgets page
  • Use a torch (be careful and adhere to it's safety instructions) just use a the burner torch to light up the charcoal
  • Use BBQ lighters but make sure that the charcoal is wel lit and all of the lighters have burned up to avoid getting nasty tastes on your food

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Cleaning your BBQ Gasser: At the start of the BBQ heat up until it reaches 600F and just use a scrubber or scraper to get the burnt bits off. They should come of extremely easy and if you leave the heat on long enough it will just turn into powder! BE CAREFUL: Only heat to these high temps if your gasser can handle it!! (Webers can easily handle these temps) Charcoal: At the start use the charcoals to heat the grill in a similar fashion and just scrape the burnt bits off.
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Food Temperatures Safe Internal Meat Cooking Temperatures: Beef Roasts and Steaks 62C/144F medium-rare or 71C/160F for medium Lamb 62C/144F medium-rare or 71C/160F for medium Pork 71C/160F Poultry Whole Chook 82C/179F and Chicken Breast 77C/170F
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