Hello from Melbourne!

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Hello from Melbourne!

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Hi everyone,

Great forum - felt I had to join given the increasing obsession I have with grilling meat over charcoal.

I got my first taste of real charcoal grilled beef in Argentina, Uruguay & Chile some years back and fell in love. About two years ago my wife's uncle built me a small BBQ with an adjustable height grill, which I love. Since getting it, I've only used my big gas 7 burner as a bench to sit the small one in (and close the lid for smoking).
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Now I'm at the stage where I'm just about ready to start building a new BBQ area, and I want to build something boss to insert into a bench. After lots of thinking, I've decided on the Parrilla/Gaucho grill style. I'll design and build this with my old man. Does anyone have any information / knowledge about best metal types for the grill? Will mild steel be suitable? If this has already been answered, please let me know. I had a search and found a great thread by another Melburnian with the coolest parrilla grill build. Perhaps I should do a second post in the right section.

Look forward to sharing and viewing.

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