Weber turkey recipe

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Weber turkey recipe

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I was in Sydney for Easter weekend and made it in to Costco. Went mainly to get spare ribs which were not as impressive as I had hoped. But, they had whole turkeys at $6.99 a kilo with a thirty dollar instant rebate making them a steal. I got an 8 kg bird for $27!

I cooked the turkey tonight on the weber kettle and it was absolutely incredible. Sorry, I wasn't smart enough to take pics.

The main reason I posted is I used this recipe from Weber. I did turkeys quite often when I lived in the States and this recipe always gives a great, juicy, flavorful mildly smokey meal. The only bourbon I had was Woodford Reserve so I hated to make gravy out of it but I did and it was perfect. I would suggest following this recipe if you are cooking a turkey on the grill for the first time to avoid the bland, dried out meat that turkey can become if not done right.

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Re: Weber turkey recipe

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I love Jamie's books and I would of loved to see your 8kg turkey on your kettle
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