Grandfire 26" Inbuilt LPG BBQ Performance Issues ...

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Grandfire 26" Inbuilt LPG BBQ Performance Issues ...

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I have recently purchased a Grandfire 26" inbuilt LPG BBQ, but so far mightily unimpressed. The issue is just doesn't heat up sufficiently, so when I starrt cooking on either the plate or the grill the food just sucks the heat out ... steaks kinda wallow in moisture, and ultimately take around twice as long to cook ( unsatisfactorily at that) than on my previous bbq.

I have tried two different gas bottles, two regulators and hoses, and fiddled with the air vents on the two tube burners. Compared to my prvious unit it seems that there is a much greater gap (height) between the burners and the plate/grill ..... so I'm wondering if this is just a crap design, or whether there is a performance issue I haven't identified? Anyone had similar issues with these bbq's?

Thanks in anticipation ...
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