COS - Which Charcoal/Lump Charcoal?

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COS - Which Charcoal/Lump Charcoal?

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Hi Folks,

Probably against what a lot of people say (& some people don't seem to think is a problem), I have gotten my hands on a Cheap Offset Smoker.

I plan to fire it up this weekend and have a play with a piece of Pork (either neck or belly). As I have used Charcoal Briquettes in the past, with a kettle and the snake method, I figured that I would start with this.

Based on what I should be able to get easily before the weekend (Bunnings, BBQs Galore), does anyone have a recommendation of a fuel to use? I have used the Pro Smoke Charcoal Briquettes. Should I stick with them, or is there a just as good more economical alternative (or better)?

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