New members Video forum.

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This forum is for members who wish to make and post their own BBQ related Video (not a copywrite video from other webpages or Youtube) Not many rules but keep it BBQ related and strictly NO Porn.
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New members Video forum.

Post by Davo » Wed Feb 21, 2018 12:31 pm

Hi Members,

You may have noticed that the original Video forum has now been deleted, it was set up by previous Moderators a couple of years ago but they made it so it was restricted. I can't remember now if here was a code or not but anyway, when going through the topics, I noticed the videos were either removed or no longer available so the forum was really non functioning so I decided to remove that forum and make this new sub forum in the general section so if any members wish to make their own home BBQ video's, they can post them here.

I'll do some testing with a couple of small videos I made with my mobile to see if this forum works ok.

You can post in here to see if you have access to this forum or if i need to adjust permissions so all members can access it.....if you can't post in here, just send davo a PM to let me know ok.


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