Kamado Homemade Smoked Lasagne Kamado Joe

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Kamado Homemade Smoked Lasagne Kamado Joe

Post by 74fpv » Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:18 am

I love a good home cooked meal of spaghetti bolognese or lasagne and I do make a mean bolognese, never follow a recipe just go by instinct and never afraid to try new combinations.

Yesterday’s dinner was a tag team effort. My lovely wife had the idea to cook up a lasagne on the Kamado Joe. While I was at work she fried up the mince, made the white sauce from scratch and assembled the lasagne. And at this point, we would have traditionally oven baked the lasagne, but last nights plan was to finish it off in the Kamado Joe. A first for both of us and we were aiming for that delicious kiss of smoke to finish it off.

Ready and Waiting
This was all done and waiting in the fridge when I got home. Straight out the back and prep the Kamado Joe. Clean out the ashes from the previous cook, add some new lump charcoal and a cherry wood chunk for smoke and light with my trusty old heat gun (RIP – this was his last act of kindness)

I have never done a lasagne on the Kamado Joe before so my reference point was basically oven temps. The Kamado Joe was set up for indirect, deflectors in the low position and the grill rack in the upper position. Once lit and warmed up, I was aiming for around the 180c mark. Once this was stable I added the lasagne and hoped. A couple of progress checks and all was looking great. Decided to open it up a bit more and push the temps up to around 250c, looking to add that lovely colour to the cheese top.


I think the extra heat really did the trick, nice colour and a quick check with the instant thermometer and we are done. The smell was delicious in the backyard, hope all the neighbours were jealous, sorry, not sorry. During the day I did dream about making a garlic toast/bread/something to go with dinner but didn’t get around to it. Something to look into. A quick easy side for these types of meals.

The end result was well worth lighting the Kamado Joe. I was sceptical on how much smoke flavour would be imparted onto a mostly cooked lasagne and I was really happy with the final taste. The cheese top took on a really nice subtle smoke flavour which was more than enough to flavour each mouthful. One of my barometers of success is if the kids eat it. They did, so a resounding success and on the menu plan for another attempt. Maybe even do the mince on the Kamado Joe over the charcoal.

Already salivating

Joe On!!

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