Beef and Pork ribs at the same time

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Beef and Pork ribs at the same time

Post by salandaar » Fri Feb 05, 2016 10:11 am


I have just upgraded from a baby q to a weber sprint,have chosen ribs as first cook, have the rib rack and was going to do 2 pork and 1 beef rack together is that ok ??

I was looking at a slow 5-6 hour cook at hopefully about 225 does this sound right?


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Re: Beef and Pork ribs at the same time

Post by Davo » Sat Feb 06, 2016 8:36 am

Hi Salandaar,
I take it you meant Weber Spirit? In that case you may not get down low enough temp at 225F which is only 107C as the gas BBQs need certain pressure to keep that flame going but it's ok to do them a bit hotter, you might get it down to say 275F-300F if you have only 1 burner going on low and have a bowl of water over that burner to act as a heat sink, but you might not have enough heat in the flame to light the woodchips.
You might be better to pick up a 2nd hand weber kettle and try low n slow using charcoal as it doesn't rely of gas pressure, the way you vent the fire is how you control temps for longer cooks. also, with the weber, using the snake method where the fire goes round the inside of the bowl near the adge in a semi round circle with all coals touching each other and they'll light up as the fire gets around to that part of the snake but placing some lit coals on one can control the heat of the fire by vent dampers on the bottow and top of the Kettle.


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