some help with pork neck please

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some help with pork neck please

Post by greencan »

Hi guys i bought a 2 burner ziggy and have just started cooking on it, i bought a pork neck medium size and made a good rub and put it in the fridge overnight
So this is what i thought about cooking it, do i put it on a baking dish rack with water in the dish and heat it up to about 240 is and cook it for 20 mins on high then turn it down to 180 ish and cook the rest slow ?
half way through the cook do i spray it with some apple cider vinager or water ?

is there any stage of the cook i should wrap it in alfoil and cook it ?

sorry about all the questions ive watched a lot of u tube vids on cooking and thought id ask here as you guys seem to know what to do
thanks for any help much appreciated

oh im after 190 internal temp ?
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Re: some help with pork neck please

Post by Pimps »

Late reply probally already worked it out yourself but incase not I always do my pork necks on the weber kettle at between 225-250f for around 2.5h or until it reaches an internal temp of 160f then take out and foil for half an hour before serving and it turns out perfect everytime to me.
I wouldnt worry about spritzing or foiling ive never had problems with it drying out
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Re: some help with pork neck please

Post by Davo »

I'm not to familiar on how the Ziggy is used for indirect as I've never used one but I guess if you follow their handbook to cook indirect, place some soaked woodchips in a foil with holes punched into it for the smoke, bring it up to 190F then foil and rest for a couple of hours, you'll have lovely pulled pork.
As Pimps has mentioned, he uses a weber kettle to do these types of cook ups and is a highly recommended bbq to learn on.
The little gassers like the Weber Q's, Ziggys and bugs are really only designed as grillers and pehaps roasters but not for any low and slow, that is for specialised equipment with the kettle and perhaps a Komado is the great step in live fire cooking.
With a kettle retailing around $300 for the basic 57CM silver model, these things represent great investment in your outdoor cooking fun.
It's very hard to beat a live fire for cooking.


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