reverse high temp on pork loin crackling

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reverse high temp on pork loin crackling

Post by bennos » Sat Jan 02, 2016 8:48 am

hi all, happy new year!

I'm going to do a pork loin on the Weber tomorrow. Wanting to see if anyone has done a reverse high temp blast to get the crackling? And if it was successful.

I'm thinking cook the loin at a low and slow first then take out the loin and rest it while upping the temp in the Weber and when it reaches 240c put it back in for the crackling. Does it work?

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Re: reverse high temp on pork loin crackling

Post by beginner » Tue Apr 05, 2016 8:47 pm

Got a loin going tonight , have hit something of a wall with them and jumped on here to see if I might find a way to push through, here's my usual method

Pat dry then cover meat leaving only skin exposed and refrigerate for as long as time allows (havn't tested past 12h, never prepared)
Pull out, olive oil and salt skin then leave to approach room temp
BBQ set for indirect 160c
In a foil pan I throw in onion, garlic, chillis or whatever I have lying around. I use a roasting rack to keep meat lifted above veggies / juices, if I don't have a rack I use the veggies themselves to keep the meat above the juices
I cook internal to 68c prior to resting to ensuring thoroughly cooked through.
Rest for as long as time allows, then I use the oven so I can see, set to maximum / circa 250c
I leave it in there and watch for a turning point, where the crackling stops and burning starts to begin before pulling it out

This method gets me really puffy, dry and crispy crackling, it looks like bread and I really like it. It takes a while on the blast though, maybe 15 min, and adversely impacts the meat itself a little. Overall though comes out pretty awesome, but I've had better and wondering how to step it up.

Some options are cooking to a lower temp and blasting before the rest, or separating the skin and doing separately. I havn't actually got as good results with these methods though so not sure what to try next

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Re: reverse high temp on pork loin crackling

Post by food&fish » Wed Apr 06, 2016 7:37 am

Did a bit of rolled pork in the acorn the other night got it up to max temp put it in on a rack over a tray of beer
Then closed it right down after 2 hrs it was perfect great crackling

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