How Do You Do Hamburger?

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How Do You Do Hamburger?

Post by steinyboys »

I have all ways gone down to the local markets down here, and picked a nice : lean : bit of topside or similar, and then a bit of pork shoulder or leg and got it minced together, when we got home I would chop onions carrot salt pepper shake of this and a shake of that, and made paties and the cooked them , have been watching how the Americans do it on U Tube, and its all ways a nice fatty piece of chuck beef some where between 20 and 30% fat, they make a big ball off meat and the smash down to a patie size no onion or carrot maybe bit salt and pepper and cook, well I went to my local butcher and asked for a kilo of chuck looked very lean to me, so I got about 250grms of extra beef fat and minced it through the meat, I caramelized three onions and some mushrooms, then made some nice big balls of meat and the smashed them down to make my Hamburgers, salt and pepper and rather that on a hot plate like the U tube clips do, straight over the coals on my mini Joe and the combination of the moist meat over the coals with the onions and mushrooms made for the tastiest burger I have made, The rendered fat gave the beef that real beefy flavor we love so much, for me now chuck steak extra fat only way to go the flavor difference was huge How do you guys do HAMBURGER??

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Post by chriso »

I use fatty beef mince and squeeze out some pork snags, 50/50. Add a splash of sauce and cook them direct over hot charcoal. Then bun them, add some garlic mayo, crispy bacon and cheese, maybe green stuff too.
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Re: How Do You Do Hamburger?

Post by Jars »

I go nothing but freshly ground beef, usually chuck or rump, and then a hit of salt and pepper, into a hot hot cast iron pan. Any other flavours I want to add go between the bread.
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Re: How Do You Do Hamburger?

Post by chrisg »


I really do not make them very often any more but I used to when two very food-fussy daughters were still living at home.

Progressively I had at their insistence to move from the OP concept of meat and veg burger to all-meat with as Jars says anything else being in the bun not in the pattie :)

I had a long chat to a good local butcher at the time who was happy to mince for me a decently fatty mixture of whatever beef he thought looked burger-worthy, he never steered me wrong.

On one occasion one of those daughters came shopping with me and had the "gross dad!!!" reaction to the fat in the mince mix until I showed her that really apart from leaving behind flavour and acting to conduct the cooking heat most of it renders out anyway.

There was a period when they both were off red meat so chicken burgers were called for (never did grok the logic of chicken being a preferred meat for their flirtation with the vegan world :) ) but they never knew that lard went into those burgers or they would not have worked :)

Kids - the dichotomy of cravings versus being all PC I guess, apparently something magical happens to protect them from contamination if they walk under the Golden Arches or enter a competitor's premises :)

I really must get back to burgers, get one of those Stuffit things and make my own speld sesame buns, just as important as the pattie :)

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Re: How Do You Do Hamburger?

Post by Michael_Dunn »

We have a quality local butcher so I just use his beef mince.

This is the recipe for 4 patties:
(I've tried many seasonings, this is the best - for my tastes)

500 - 600g mince
1/2 onion diced
4 tbsp Masterfoods Hamburger Seasoning
4 tbsp panko breadcrumbs (just trying to get rid of them)
4 inch x inch x 1/4 inch cubes of Kraft cheese (blue packet)

Mix them all up (except cheese)
Divide into 4 balls
Insert cheese cube into middle of each ball
Using a large round pastry cutter, make pattie
Rest 30 - 60 minutes

I cook them on (mostly) cast iron skillet on the wok burner of the gasser,
Sometimes on grillgrates, even used the electric frypan when too cold outside.

They always turn out fantastic (again, for my tastes)
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Re: How Do You Do Hamburger?

Post by gnol »

I don't have a consistent recipe and usually throw in whatever I have on hand.
From memory last night's burgers included.
1kg supermarket mince
handful of parsley
1 onion
1 tomato
1 capsicum
2 toasted pieces of white bread crumbled into crumbs
2 cloves garlic
mustard powder
onion powder
1 egg
Sweet paprika powder
Chilli powder
Garam masala (I thought it was the chilli)

Turned out pretty good

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Re: How Do You Do Hamburger?

Post by steinyboys »

Hi gnol your burgers look great and sort of how I usually go about it, But my point is maybe the lean mince needs to have more fat for that beefy flavor, But if the hungry hordes like them all is good
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Re: How Do You Do Hamburger?

Post by SilentBoB »

I normally ground up some chuck and add a bit of salt, pepper, garlic and then what ever I feel like at the time... Some times some chili flakes (actually I add chili most of the time :p ), onion powder, maybe some herbs and a splash of Worcestershire. Mix it up and have a play with what ever you have in the cupboard.
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Re: How Do You Do Hamburger?

Post by spclst69 »

I grind a piece of chuck, salt and pepper just before it goes on the grill, good bit of cheese after a flip.

Cooked to medium, some slices of Dill cucumbers and either homemade tomato or BBQ sauce or if I'm feeling it some onion jam.
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How Do You Do Hamburger?

Post by Nath »

Freshly mincing the meat makes all the difference. For me it's chuck, or occasionally rump with some extra fat thrown in.

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Re: How Do You Do Hamburger?

Post by Mckimms »

I used to add all sorts of stuff to my patties but have recently gone back to the basics.

fatty mince, hand crafted into bun sized patties, seasoned with a little salt and pepper just before I put them on the hot hot hot plate.

Minute or so on the plate then I flip them, chuck on a slice or 2 of that yellow smokey cheese slices then cover with a little small bowl. I lift up the bowl enough to be able to squirt a bit of water under and then quickly drop the bowl over it again. the steam from the water makes the cheese melt juicily (just made a new word) and not dry out.

All the other yummy stuff like sauce, kewpi, mustard, tomato, lettuce, onion, bacon and pickles are added to the buns.

mmm cheesy goodness

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How Do You Do Hamburger?

Post by Nath »

Mmm yep nailed it. What's the cheese?

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Post by Bear »

For those of you who must put onion in your meat patty, mince about half a smallish onion on a fine microplane and throw that in your mix, for better results.
Edit: per 1kg mince
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Re: How Do You Do Hamburger?

Post by Bentley »

I also like to grind my own ground beef. I like to use 1/3 of each, any thing from the Plate (usually skirt or flank), Sirloin, and Brisket. I wont make a burger without 30% fat, so I will add beef fat to reach that amount. I usually grind 4.5kg at a time. I figure the blend is usually about 10%, so I add the remaining fat to reach 30%, usually about 1.5kg.

I am a Seppo, so I like 100% pure Beef. Will mix seasoning salt into the grind. I prefer to use the Memphis Pro for the Hardwood flavor. I am not a ball and smash guy, I like Big Thin patties, usually 2 of them. Then grill on Memphis Pro at 343°C about 4 minutes a side, I like to pull at 63°C as I like a Med Well burger!

Bacon & Beet Root optional...Cheese, Mayo & Onion...a Must!

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How Do You Do Hamburger?

Post by wedwards »

Damn that's an awesome looking burger. Know what I'm having for dinner now! :)

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