How Do You Do Hamburger?

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Re: How Do You Do Hamburger?

Post by steinyboys »

YOU HUNGRY YET Some great burgers in this thread
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Re: How Do You Do Hamburger?

Post by Mckimms »

Nath wrote:Mmm yep nailed it. What's the cheese?

Hey Nath,

I found this Coles brand smokey cheese in with the Kraft singles cheeses etc. It doesn't last long in the fridge due to me randomly snacking on it.
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Re: How Do You Do Hamburger?

Post by Dylan »

I like to keep my burger simple: beef mince, salt, pepper. The other important point for me is the bun: a bad bun makes for a bad burger. We like the dinner rolls from Breadtop, with either a little melted butter or olive oil on the cut face of the bun, then gently in the frypan until lightly browned.

The patty gets cooked on high heat, after a couple of minutes flipped, a slice of cheese placed on top, then the gasser lid goes down to melt the cheese, or if we're inside, a lid goes on the frypan. You have to use a flat surface so cheese doesn't go everywhere. I'm yet to try it indirect in the weber, but I reckon it could produce some interesting results!

We build burgers in the following order: heel, ketchup (apparently it's different to sauce...), pickles, patty, American mustard, lettuce, Mayo (I like chipotle mayo), crown. Recently I've forgone the lettuce and I don't think I could go back! If you want tomato it goes with the lettuce
Cheers, Dylan
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Re: How Do You Do Hamburger?

Post by Groovy Gorilla »

For me its fatty beef and salt
Squeeze them real thin and big enough for the bun (usually use toasted and buttered Turkish bread,because it tastes excellent)
It needs really caramelized onion rings and some black pepper
Lettuce(Cos because it can stand the heat) on the bottom of the roll.
I like a grilled pineapple slice and some melted cheese
Wife skips the pineapple
Always needs dead horse. (Im an ex Victorian no brown sweet rubbish on my burger or mayo or anything else)


Back in the olden days I worked in an old school FnC when I was going through uni.
When old Greek men knew how to make real burgers that Australians loved.
He was really busy everyone loved his burgers (and FnC)
He used an ice cream scoop for portion control and flattened them real real real thin to the bun size.
This was pre Maccas buns (so they weren't sweet and tasteless and they were freshly toasted and buttered)
His secret trick was a shake of dried basil before he cooked it
Tastes good but I prefer plainer.
People kept coming back for that special something only his burgers had though.
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Re: How Do You Do Hamburger?

Post by toastmaster1973 »

Hey Guys + Gals,
Was inspired after reading this post to do a better hamburger.
Did some reading on the web and found out about grinding my own beef for maximum enjoyment. Here go's...
Managed to buy one of these on Ebay:
Basically brand new in box - complete with purchase receipt! And yes that is a 3/16 drill bit thru the coarse screen.
Strapped it onto this:
To turn this:
Into this:
Coarse grind 3/16 holes once only.
That soon became this:
Seasoning was good ( a little salt & black pepper once ground ), texture was ok - the meat was far too lean for a decent burger unfortunately.
I have spoken to a local butcher about getting hold of some suet....still waiting for that phonecall. Guess its time to look elsewhere.
Only just combined and really gently handled on the grill so it doesn't fall apart.
Anyway, we usually buy some chips from the local bbq chicken shop and go to town.
This is a big fave with the family - burgers are usually a little smaller (around 220g each) but always well received (even buy the occasionally vegetarian daughter :lol: :lol: )
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Re: How Do You Do Hamburger?

Post by SitDown »

I use 2 parts fatty cheap beef mince to 1 part sausage meat, a bit of pork mince too. This adds up to around 900g
Beat an egg, TBS worcestershire sauce, chopped fresh parsley/rosemary, just under a cup panko breadcrumb, salt/pepper
Mix all together, weigh the mixture, then divide into 6 equal patties. Out comes my home made stainless steel burger ring (125mm diameter)
Cut 6 pieces of baking paper, pack the meat down hard in the ring, that is sitting on baking paper
Timer set for 5mins total, Onto a hot grill.... I want flare up for flavour, the cheap cuts gets it smoking real nice, then on to a plate to rest with foil over it for a few mins... makes for consistent patties

I went for the custom made ring, in the past I would hand make the patties, usually fatter size in the middle that tapers off to the sides
1 good bite of the burger, the patty shoots straight out of the bun taking some of the topping salad with it.... don't you hate that !!
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Re: How Do You Do Hamburger?

Post by Davo »

I use 50/50 beef & pork mince and ensure it's mixed well.....some dried ground spices such as garlic, paprika salt & pepper and maybe some basil.
Instead of bread crumbs, I use uncle tobies oats for the filler and diced sauteed onion.
Another good mix up by hand to ensure everything is evenly distributed then divide into patties.

My problem is that my burger patties more resemble rissoles.... :lol:
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Re: How Do You Do Hamburger?

Post by Flippo »

I've been mucking around lately trying to find my ideal burger recipe. Firstly I just use ground meat, no other spices except salt, and I grind it myself about an hour before I cook them. I've been trying different mixtures of chuck, brisket and have even been throwing in some pork belly strips to enhance the fat content and a bit of flavour. When my wife makes meatballs she throws some ricotta in the mix as well so that's also an option. Worst thing about them is I love them all so it's a bit hard to tell which one is better than the other. Then the other problem is getting the patty to the right thickness so it doesn't come off raw but doesn't overcook and dry out. I'll need to get some mates around to give me some constructive feedback. I'm sure I won't need to ask some of them twice
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