Zee German Knuckles

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Zee German Knuckles

Post by bbqmad » Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:35 pm

Aldi are selling Pork Knuckles "for the season" so i got me some and @ $7kg let me say i hope they make it a permanant thing because their real good!

Here they are after a tub

Each one comes with a small packet of Caraway seeds & garlic so thats all i used mixed with some canolia oil, burn some Wattle down to embers

Wanted to try all three on my rotisserie and feared it would be too much for it (weight wise) but too my amazment it did the job

I left the scene and dissaster almost happened.......fat fire!!! i saved them but at the cost of their bums getting a wee bit burnt :roll:


Shame that happened but did not ruin them they was so juicy & tender i may be wrong but i would swear these have been brined, the bones fell just clean fell out of them!..fantastic and the crackle teeth breaking....Keep them on the shelves Aldi.


If we weren't supposed to eat animals then why do they taste so good
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Re: Zee German Knuckles

Post by 2browndogs » Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:41 pm

Hah - I did one of those on the kettle last night - it turned out quite edible, but wasn't great either.
Cooked it at around 180-200 until internal was around 65deg - about 2 hrs, and rested for 10-15min.

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