Beef Brisket - First Time Attempt

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Beef Brisket - First Time Attempt

Post by adeanbne81 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 7:22 pm

Hi Everyone,
Brand new to bbq and would love to hear people’s advice on cooking beef brisket. I’ve just purchased a 4.7kg Cape Grim brisket and it will be cooked on a Weber kettle with temp control. IGrill 2 with ambient probe. Cooking the brisket between 120-125 degrees.
I will be using the snake method as it seems the best way to go keep your briquettes going and to keep a fairly constant temp during the cook.
I want to do the meat justice and just use true Texas style rub S & P only. Is this the right way to go? A lot of videos I’ve been watching, everybody injects the brisket. Thoughts?
I will be wrapping it in butchers paper not foil.
I’ve got cherry wood chips that will be placed on the briquettes during the cook and also will place the meat on cold not at room temp as I’ve read meat takes on more of the smoke when cold.... is this true?
Any advice here would be greatly appreciated and will be putting up photos of this when I do the cook.
Thanks for reading everyone.

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Re: Beef Brisket - First Time Attempt

Post by paulr » Wed Jan 03, 2018 1:19 pm

Sounds great ... good luck with your first attempt...
Brisket can be finicky (depending on which cut you got?) if you got the bit where it ends flat it can go "over" fairly quickly if however you got a rectangular big chunk you should be right...
As far as your question go:
A simple rub does it for me as well... I don't inject myself as a "low and slow" for hours has done the trick for me so far...
Why are you using butchers paper? I agree that foiling would stop any of the nice smoke flavour to go in but using butcher paper is new to me?
I have always used "cold" meat as well (by accident not design) and get good results. IMO the smoke penetrates only the outside (and gives you a typical "smoke ring") not too deep into the meat.
Look forward to the photos!

Happy BBQ-ing, Paul
PS My briskets takes 10-12 hours so have fun and be patient!! - my blog ... criptions/ - great cooking classes
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