Gourmet Brined Chicken

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Re: Gourmet Brined Chicken

Post by Wobbly »

Thanks Phil and Bear. I Appreciate your guidance. I'll post a pic or two on Sunday showing how it turned out.
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Re: Gourmet Brined Chicken

Post by johnny »

So i've been cooking this chicken for about 1.5 years ever since i got my bbq
and I think about 30 different people have tried it....any EVERYONE agreed it was one of the best chickens ever tasted. Even my kids *fussy eaters* eat it!
I've given the recipe to some people, they have tried it, but they tell me it's never as good as mine :D
My MIL thought the pink meat = raw :lol:

This Sunday, i'll be cooking for my staff - about 16 people all up - doing 4 chooks on the genesis. Will post some pics in the picture thread if I get time :D

Thanks to the Captain for this recipe :D
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Re: Gourmet Brined Chicken

Post by Bill44 »

Yeah it's pretty popular, I've got one in the brine for tomorrow night, I use a 24 hour brine of 1 Tablespoon of salt and 1 of brown sugar to each Litre of water. I vary the additives dependent on mood, this one will be done on the spit with Chicken Salt so no added bits in the brine this time.
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Re: Gourmet Brined Chicken

Post by plumby »

Im cooking my first brined chicken tonight and have had it drying overnight, Im assuming the discolouring'(darkening a bit) of the skin is normal?? Also should I oil the skin before I put it in the Q??

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Re: Gourmet Brined Chicken

Post by BbqPete »

Hi , I just cooked two of these chooks on the weekend and they turned out fantastic . My wife and kids all said best roast chicken ever. I did it in the webber kettle with heat beads and a charcoal mix which gave a little trouble as I was unsure how much charcoal , and it was very windy but got there in the end . Great recipe Captain, thanks a lot.
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Re: Gourmet Brined Chicken

Post by chrisg »


It's brilliant, having just had one epic struggle with a kettle, Perth winds aka Freo Doctor and a really big brined chook Pete I utterly sympathise - got there in the end :)

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Re: Gourmet Brined Chicken

Post by TiggerK »

One of the first recipe's I bookmarked when first getting into Weber Charcoal goodness 2 years ago, and finally I've gotten around to doing one!

Good quality organic chicken, brined with a few extra spicy bits and pieces, dried (prob for not long enough), then stuffed some fancy leftover truffle paste under the skin, stuffed inside with garlic and lemon, bit of butter,salt and pepper on top and into the Weber... Got some skordalia, chilli spiked brocollini and enoki mushrooms to go with it, and a tasty Kumeu River Chardonnay to match.

Will post results.... so far so good!

This place rocks, cheers guys. Got a large 2kg short rib in the fridge I need to do something good with, will scour this place for inspiration... thinking mexican/texas style
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Re: Gourmet Brined Chicken

Post by TiggerK »

Hey pretty crappy pictures, nothing remarkable or drool worthy, but it was a pretty darn good chicken!!

old 1/2 cup salt recipe, 4 hrs in the brine with some subtle amounts of chilli powder, oregano and porchini powder added (the latter is killer on 'boring' mushrooms by the way).

3 hrs in the fridge with some paper towel drying action, then the stuff as mentioned. Took around 1 1/14 hrs or so, int temp up to around 78C, rested, carved, awesome.


Oh and because these photos don't do justice to some tasty Weber action this year at my place (keep forgetting to take photos!!).... this one is OK, dry aged tasty beef with some anchovy butter.


Re: Gourmet Brined Chicken

Post by Gumb »

Certainly looks great, good work.
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Re: Gourmet Brined Chicken

Post by plumby »

My second attempt at this, thought the first one was great, this was better. Thanks to Urban for your suggested temp I cooked it to 74 as you suggested and after a short rest carved up the most succulent chicken ever. :D
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Re: Gourmet Brined Chicken

Post by Keeper »

I brined two cooks on Saturday. I cooked them on the BBQ after butterflying them and they were snapped up really quick by the freeloaders who were there. I'll do it again for sure.

I must confess to roasting some lamb, pork and beef but I couldn't fit it all into the BBQ so some was done in the oven. :oops: The good part was the potatoes that were finished off with the pork fat and that was very well received. The best part is it was my birthday so I now have some $$$ for a new BBQ! :D
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Re: Gourmet Brined Chicken

Post by Percel »

Great man and his watery bird
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Re: Gourmet Brined Chicken

Post by sydprop »

I've been lurking on this thread for a while... and just got my genesis 330.. some excitement... and the other half is happy to see the Bugg go (I liked it but she was less keen)...

Used my fancy webber chicken roaster (thrown in with the deal) and very impressed - easy and literally no mess.... Thumbs up from the eaters...

I've also been experimenting with sous vide, chicken thighs and I'd say that the whilst a little different style - a similar high end outcome . :)
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Re: Gourmet Brined Chicken

Post by burb »

So I saw the popularity of this thread and had to give it a go.

Wow, amazing recipe, phenomenal result, I may never prepare a whole bird any other way ever again!

Huge thumbs up, well done Captain and many thanks.
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Re: Gourmet Brined Chicken

Post by joey13 »

Hey captain!

On a Q220, what setting would I roast the chicken on?
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