Gourmet Chef and Nando's

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Gourmet Chef and Nando's

Post by chrisg » Wed Oct 30, 2013 6:12 pm


Being new I haven't read all of this board so someone may have mentioned these before.

Whilst I do make my own sauces (they are secret :) ) these often are used alone or as sauce bases.

Gourmet Chef, are a WA company in Wanneroo, not sure how long their sauces have been around but they do a couple of ranges, their big bottles, Garlic, Garlic & Yoghurt, Peri-Peri and some others are fabulous and very convenient and well priced. Not always easy to find, in WA Spud Shed carry them and IGA have a selection, but there is a mail order via a third party. Details are on the website - obvious URL.

I hadn't noticed Nando sauces until recently but then again I only ate Nandos for the first time last month - never let it be said I keep up on fast food :) They are surprisingly good, the Peri Peri especially. I only bought it because I've moved away from a convenient Spud Shed but IGA had it, somewhat different to the GC but just as useful.

Apropos nothing one thing I've been doing for years is to blanch and peel a bag of garlic and store under olive oil in the fridge. I do the same with shallots. The oil congeals in the cold and the cloves and shallots keep for ages and are right there when needed for sauce etc (I love bearnaise :) )

The nicest thing is that after a year or so it is time to do a new batch and the oil, now deliciously infused, goes into a couple of spray bottles in the fridge. It's also great with an injector.

Just thought I'd add a few things, this site is a mine of information :)


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