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Welcome to the OZ BBQ Forum, in here you will find the forum rules.
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Welcome to the forum

Post by paulr » Wed Jun 13, 2007 11:08 pm

Hi welcome to the OZ BBQ forum, my name is Paul Rast and I'm a BBQ fanatic (well my wife and friends thinks so). :wink:
I always thought it strange that there was no significant BBQ forum hosted in Australia, I have found several good sites in the US. This is what I hope is the start of a thriving BBQ site hosted and frequented by ozzies (well really anyone is welcome to visit and contribute!!). :P

I have several BBQ's myself a kettle, a gasser, a WSM slow cooker and a ceramic Komodo Kamado any comments and discussions about BBQ's available in Australia (or would like to have available down under) are welcome to be posted on this site. :D

Given the variety of gadgets (fast thermometers, temparature controls and utensils) any posts on this site in relation to your favorite (or posts warning people about useless gadgets) are also encouraged.

And of course I'm looking forward to any sharing of recipes you might have in your repertoire 8)
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