Hello Q'ers

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Hello Q'ers

Post by Ninkasi » Wed Nov 04, 2009 11:38 pm

Figured I should post and introduce myself. I'm an expat from big box store country (US). I moved here a few months back now. Picked up a gasser after a quick search turned up a real lack of charcoal options here. I have a 22" WSM on the way, should be here around Christmas time; arriving in the partners goods. It is a new toy for me, so I will be hanging out in the smokers lounge mostly. Gonna need help with that and the "hot beads" thing. I'm used to Kingsford, but it can't be that different. :twisted: I'm not great on the gasser, but no rookie either. Just read a separate post describing all the different hot plate/griddle differences. When buying mine, I was wondering why it was on every one and not all grill. So that is a new feature I am getting the hang of still.

Still looking for some quality cuts of flesh in Brisbane, just been getting the ordinary Woolie's stuff. Seafood has been from Samie Girls, so that is nice. My pops was a butcher and Apprentice Instructor before retiring. Gonna have him send me over some of his teaching materials on the cuts of meats from the US. I'll scan them and post whenever I get them. He is retired, so it won't be anytime soon. I hope around the same time as the WSM, but we'll see.

Great site and good people from what I have read so far. Found it from the TVWBB site. I noticed a few Aussie's on there and searched some of their threads to here.


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Re: Hello Q'ers

Post by Captain Cook » Thu Nov 05, 2009 7:17 am

Welcome Ryan

Good to see that the 22 1/2" WSM is on the way. From what I have read I don't think that there is much difference between Kingsford and Heatbeads. Lump is available if you look around, however it is expensive (especially compared to the US. Heatbeads brand is the briquette of choice for most people it has a consistent heat and burn rate. A few people have been trying a compressed coconut husk lately with good results but these have been short burns.
Generally we watch out for the heatbeads to go on special for $5.00 a bag and then buy about 10 bags.

I am sure some of the Brisbane (ittes) will chime in with suggestions regarding where to purchase your meat. Like any new place you move to you need to establish a relationship with the local traders, You should have an independant butchershop near you who cuts up his own meat.

Looking forward to reading some of your posts especially on how you are coming to grips with the Australian way of grilling on a hotplate.


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Re: Hello Q'ers

Post by Snab » Thu Nov 05, 2009 9:19 am

Welcome to the fold mate - the more USA lownslowers in Australia the better!
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Re: Hello Q'ers

Post by bbqmad » Thu Nov 05, 2009 10:37 am

Welcome Ryan

I'm new to this forum myself but certaintly not new to 'Q' i prefer cooking with Heatbeads / Lump Charcoal & of course some wood thrown in. One thing i do prefer on my Genesis E320 gas is steak so gas does have its place.

I think you'll just about colapse when you see the price of Lump here compared to the states, the last bag i bought (big green egg brand $40 ! - Bbq galores) so that get's used very sparingly for speacial occasions.

I belive as the captain said Heatbeads and Kingsford should be very much the same quality both the prefered brand of each country respectively.

I didn't quite get the Big box thing what part of the states is that !

Regarding good quality meat in southeast Qld we find realy good quality from superbutchers - check out website for locations / prices ect, only downsize they dont do good pork / beef ribs ( to small no meat covered in their marinade) also they corn every brisket and refuse to leave a few un - pickled even knowing me for the last 4 years as a solid customer.

Also check out the commander's and smokey micks posts for good meat in Qld (and just south of the border - NO NOT MEXICO Tweed)

All the best and good luck in your new country

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Re: Hello Q'ers

Post by Snab » Thu Nov 05, 2009 11:06 am

If you were really keen, you could make your own charcoal pretty easily - start a big fire, get a big enclosed metal box with some holes drilled at the top (ideally only one-way valves), fill it with wood and chuck it on the fire for a while.

Having said that, Heatbeads and lump hickory does the job nicely for me ;)
Turkeys were meant to be the dominant species on Earth, but God made 'em too delicious

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Re: Hello Q'ers

Post by Commander Cody » Tue Nov 10, 2009 7:11 am


here is a number for a bloke in beaudesert that does charcoal... very resonable prices....he also does briquettes....and wood.

and yes as bbqmad, mick and snab have said welcome...the smokers lounge is a nice place to be....thanks for reminding me need to find good butcher in stanthorpe...yes check out super butchers for your meat. they do on-line sales and deliver to your door at reasonable or no charge.....for your ribs bedrock beef and reef at loganholme....adams smallgoods at carol park (they do good quailty pork bellies too)....brisket and pork butt (we call it neck or shoulder)...try your asian butcher...there are a few good ones around the inala and darra area..

almost forgot the charcoal blokes number......0407 175369......he also delivers....he makes the charcoal himself......so expect good prices

....up in smoke.....that's where my money goes.....

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