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Hi Everyone

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Hello folks, finally registered after somewhat long time lurking.

I'm a fat 37y.o. male hailing from fine town of Ballarat, Vic, having moved here about a year ago from Sydney.
I have wife, 4 kids, huge doggo, some non-zero amount of cats, and I'm not particularly clever. Wife is a fully trained professional chef, I had some courses here and there, pretty confident with most asian cuisine and proper wok cooking, absolutely hopeless with french one.

Been always fascinated by eating hoofed animals passed through fire and death, and have been constantly looking for a new way to cook them. Probably like to cook more than eat, to be honest.

Since the move I've mostly used a Weber Genesis (or spirit - always forget which one it is) gasser, which, while been really great, does not give a full satisfaction of fiery ritual. Doesn't taste as good as charcoal either. Back in Sydney been mostly cooking on charcoal, thanks to chinese butchers and middle-east stores with lump fuel.

Right now I'm really looking into smoking, low'n'slow and other fiery activities. Have purchased Akorn JR already, eyeing Pro Q frontier and preparing to erect pompei oven somewhere. Also looking for a small jet engine to come back to woks but that's probably not for this site (or any site apart from Ballarat Fire brigade).

So anyway, here I am, ready to drink from the well of your collective wisdom and maybe, just maybe, drop a few nuggets of knowledge of my own.
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