G’day from Qld

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G’day from Qld

Post by Gbc » Fri Feb 07, 2020 9:28 am

Hi Folks

Just on here to see if I can get some unbiased advice on new bbq set up as well as a few tips for a new outdoor kitchen. I have mostly only owned and used weber Qs abc kettles mostly in Oz . I grew up cooking on charcoal and wood in very rustic ways so the irony of the low and slow Retro revival is amusing to me. Don’t doubt the taste or anything just opting for convenience

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Re: G’day from Qld

Post by Davo » Fri Feb 07, 2020 7:46 pm

Hi & Welcome Gbc,

Just wondered, have you tried, had food from or used a Woodpellet Grill, they are very competitive with large gas BBQs these days but more versatile.
You can grill, roast or low n slow smoke and even operate them (on some makes/models) with wifi, so if you're cooking a big brisket or something that will take all day, you put it on before work, set the temp and keep and eye on it or adjust it from your phone.
That system is available on the Green Mountain Grill pellet smokers for under $2K or if you've got a big family or lots of mouths to feed, there's some big units you can buy.
I used to have one of the Original American Traegers Woodpellet grills, place 2 x pork neck roasts on, set the grill to temp and go to bed....and check it again about 6am and the entire neighbourhood wakes up to beautiful porky goodness in the air :lol: gently smoked by natural wood. Woodpellets if you didn't know are just dried, fully compressed sawdust pellets.

Other than that, i too am a Weberman and love cooking over coals......apart from wood...hard to beat.


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