Brisket in 6 hours, is it possible?

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Re: Brisket in 6 hours, is it possible?

Post by Smokey » Wed Apr 16, 2014 8:13 pm

Jester wrote:
Richtee wrote:Smoke ring is NOT a criteria for KCBS judging. It is to be ignored. So why fake it. Well, unless some other sanctioning body considers it. If you smoke the meat, it'll have a ring. Well, within KCBS wood/charcoal standards anyway. Sorry watt burners...
True, but this is for ABBQA rules which don't exclude the smoke ring and appearance points are very high.
ABBQA score breakdown is 25% each to taste, texture, appearance and "overall impression" - whatever that is. My impression scores matched closest to appearance - and certainly the food with the biggest wow factor on the plate scored the best.

KCBS, with weighting, is 14% appearance, 57% taste, 29% tenderness.
If my memory serves me we'll, that was not a blinded entry. And there were teams taking food in on all sorts of fancy wooden cutting boards that were, at the time for sale. The rules at that time were tailored to the event and way to many people giving an opinion on how it should be run. so a wow factor was included.,,, You never been WOWED by a presented dish? You did well in that regard.
The ABBQA is quite well versed in KCBS,, And can do that. But better still we take pride in providing a solution to individual events and there particular needs.
We are volunteers, All good cooks that get together in real time and work out solutions for whomever wants it.
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