Chicken spare ribs in Brisbane?

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Re: Chicken spare ribs in Brisbane?

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I went into my local butcher less than 2 minutes drive away to get some lamb, and something caught my eye in the corner and it turns out they were marinated chicken spare ribs but named something totally different. The guy said when I asked him last time he had no idea what I was talking about but one of the other guys who started on Monday jumped in and confirmed that they actually were chicken ribs. Grabbed 2kg of plain ones so after all the running around all over Brisbane I can actually get them 400m away from home.
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Re: Chicken spare ribs in Brisbane?

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Sorry where was this?

Latest I have found is a place in Cannon Hill called Wild Wings
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Re: Chicken spare ribs in Brisbane?

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Crazy I keep picking up bone in chicken thighs at Aldi by mistake and having to take the bone out.
I’ll be buying these now a giving them a go! Chicken ribs! Crazy but it’s a bit more sexy than bone in chicken thighs I suppose
Regards Dave
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