Weber Q (Family) temps for recipe conversion

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Weber Q (Family) temps for recipe conversion

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Hi all,

My better half has a delicious recipe for pork belly which she usually does in the oven - but with summer coming we were thinking we might bring it to the Q to keep heat out of the house.

Recipe calls for 3 hours @ 160 degrees and the pork belly is cooked in, and completely covered by, a sweet sauce (maple, honey, sweet soy and tomato sauce).

I know the normal Q process is to roast at higher temps for a shorter time relying on the convection magic.

Wondering if any experienced Q owners can offer some advice here - should I just aim to hit 160 for 3 hours, or will I get better results cooking hotter for a shorter period?

Thanks - Ozrcboy.
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Re: Weber Q (Family) temps for recipe conversion

Post by Cobblerdave »

To use your Q like an oven put down a double layer of foil on the grill a few holes to allow any juices to drip away. Then put a trivet, a rack on that so your bare roast or baking dish is above the surface of the grill.
Put your Q on the lowest setting for 10 mins then check the temp and adjust from there. It’s easier to bring up the temp then waiting for it to cool.
Most things can be cooked in a baking dish covered with foil. To finish put it back on the trivet bare put up the temp to brown the outsides.
I cook on my grill more than I use the inside oven easier and keeps the kitchen cool over the summer months particularly
Regards Dave
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