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Re: Can Amazon Really Deliver...???

Posted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 12:10 am
by Davo
Yeah it's incredible Russell, Australia really needs to learn about Customer service from the Yanks, it's near impossible to get a part for a motorcycle from Melbourne in that time.
A mate of mine who lives in a rural region of the Port Stephens shire (Seaham) ordered 4 motorcycle tyres from a Company in the States a few years back when our dollar was strong against the greenback, anyway, he ordered them on Friday evening which would have been in the boonie hours over there, they were delivered to his door in Seaham the following Tuesday Morning. When he rang up and told me they arrived (2 of those tyres were for me) I told him to stop BS-ing me....he said fairdinkum, they were on my doorstep before 10am Tuesday.....I'm still in awe of this, they didn't just come from the USA West Coast but a company in the middle of the damn's still unbeliveable but true!!

As for bloody ebay....I sold my WSM on ebay last week, i got $280 for it, the mongrels charged me $30 commission.....not happy Jan. I think i'll be using Gumtree more often now.



Re: Can Amazon Really Deliver...???

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 3:02 am
by Raybon
That's a crazy story, Davo. I believe it, but it's hard to believe at the same time. I hope you know what I mean. Amazon is a great company, no wonder they're exploading right now.