Christmas Turkey

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Christmas Turkey

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Anyone noticed that the only fresh turkey you can buy in Colesworth are their own brands. Name brands like Steggles no longer grace their shelves.

To make it worse I couldn't seem to find a fresh turkey in the supermarkets were sold out mid-week.

Luckily I had a frozen Steggles turkey in the freezer.

I felt for the poor guy pleading with the shop assistant if he knew were he could buy a turkey for Christmas as to make things worse all the Colesworth frozen turkeys were sold out.

Today I popped the turkey into the kamado. Easy as to cook as it was a self-basting.
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Re: Christmas Turkey

Post by Davo »

Turkey is a very nutritious meat even though it can be somewhat bland, but I personally have had little to do with because it's never been a food we had anything to do with, even chicken in the 60's and 70's wasn't a common protein till KFC came to Australia.

I had a turkey leg from a stall in Disneyland in Tokyo many years back and it was a pretty tough ol' drumstick so never bothered with Turkey much after that.

It's not till the Europeans started coming here in the mid part of the last century that Turkey was even a consideration in Australia due to our climate. Nobody wanted to prep a Turkey in stinking hot December for the Xmas Feast. It was mostly chook and stuffing or a ham and salads.

I do plan to learn more about prepping the big bird or parts thereof but i need to get my own fridge for brining purposes first.

I'd say most of the big poulty producers have half a floor for Coles, the other half for Woolies and a smaller section for Aldi and IGA.

Supermarkets are powerful businesses that will dictate to their suppliers that if they want shelf space, you will stick our product name on them first and foremost. Pollies can't stop them, it's just part of marketing, only shoppers can make a difference and if the product is ok, are they going to give a stuff if it's a Steggles or a Coleworth brand.
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