Five modular pizza ovens review

Mmmm Pizza (how to build and use)
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Five modular pizza ovens review

Post by IggyW »

G'Day, guys

Have you ever thought about building your WFO with a pizza oven kit? Five beauty outdoor pizza oven kits are presented in this review.

They have been carefully inspected and described in detail.

Enjoy your reading! :D

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Re: Five modular pizza ovens review

Post by BBQ-Dad »

Welcome to the forum..

Are you somehow involved with or associated with, own, write for or whatever that website or any of the products listed?

Call me skeptical but as a new user your first 3 and only posts to date all include links to that website.

How do the mods here feel about this stuff? I've seen many forums die because of this type of 'spam'... What's the policy around here?

What do other users here think?
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