Gas pizza oven insulation

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Gas pizza oven insulation

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Hey guys,

New to the forum so hi to everyone!

I just scored a gasmate deluxe has oven for $50 in perfect condition and been doing some research how to get the unit extra hot. Ive blocked the chimey about 3/4 as smokeaddict did in his thread and it seems to make a big difference. Ran the oven for 1 hr on full and got to 300 (assuming the temp gauge is correct) its quite windy where i am and i think that may be slowing it down a lot.
Im considering insulation the walls but the price of ceramic insulation is like 5 times what i paid for the unit.
Has anyone used anything else to insulate theirs with success?
Thanks in advance guys!
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Re: Gas pizza oven insulation

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for our ovens we use the ceramic fiber insulation, is expensive but have great perfomance
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