Tools for a wood fired oven

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I use a mop when the cook is done with coals removed (cooking bread, cooking pizza via panifico method) I use a mop that has no bacterial inhibitors, and has not touched chemicals. The mop is used wet on the hot ash covered floor (after being swept) to keep the ash from going on the food.

I do not have issues with stray brush bristles, as I use trays for the food mostly, and a mop for the oven floor.
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Re: Tools for a wood fired oven

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Narmnaleg wrote:
Kegerator wrote:so do you use a mop to clean the stone in your pizza ovens?
After I finish cooking pizza I spread the coals to burn off any bits and pieces like the inevitable flying mushroom or piece of mozzarella. Before I start the next cook I empty the ashes from the previous occasion with a brush and pan and then, because my oven is small, I reach in there with a humid sponge and get rid of any remaining ash. If I had a large brick oven I'd be using a brand new mop of decent quality.
You don't need a full size mop in a wood fired oven it only steams it up. If you want a quike mop all you need is. 6 to 10 strips of rag wired to the end of a broom handle. Damp a squeeze out the excess water. That all that required for any oven. Chuck the rags away after using and make up a clean one next time it's wanted.A full size mop would just suck out some of that heat and with some of the thinner floors could cause cracking.
I just slap my largest peel on the floor , the ash flys up and the heat from the fire will take it up the chimney. I do use a mop as I've described when the fires out and I'm getting ready to bake. The steam is always good for crusty loafs .
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Re: Tools for a wood fired oven

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I made one with bricks from a friends fallen wall, I used uncemented bricks butted together for the base rather than fire bricks (mainly as I didn't have any) The cement render was mixed with vermiculite (?sp) to hopefully help with insulation.

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