Wood fired pizza oven needing repair

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Wood fired pizza oven needing repair

Post by ScottNMaz »

Hi everyone, hoping someone out there might have some clues. My hubby and I recently purchased a house complete with pizza oven, the oven was a refactory diy kit job, beautiful thing, works fabulously. Unfortunately the Diyer did a very poor job of building the frame and a reasonable sized oven is sitting on a very sparsley supported Fibro sheet...
We've been under there trying to sort out plans for reinforcing and have discovered the base is already cracked :( so my questions, could we brace under the fibro with thick ply as a short term stop gap, so my oven doesnt fall through the frame and has anyone taken apart and rebuilt a kit... The render is quite poor, in some places chicken netting is visable underthe waterproofing, the waterproofing is peeling off. Im guessing they painted on a fresh cost to make it look pretty. Any suggestions appreciated, many thanks in advance :)

Cheers Maz
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Re: Wood fired pizza oven needing repair

Post by Narmnaleg »

Hi ScottNMaz and welcome to the forum.
Do you have any pics of the oven that you could post? Particularly showing the problem areas.
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Re: Wood fired pizza oven needing repair

Post by urbangriller »

Yep, some pics would help!

Read this about posting pictures: http://www.aussiebbq.info/forum/viewtop ... =12&t=5380

I wouldn't use ply...if it gets hot it'll burn!

If you can get under it, I'd make a steel frame with some more cement sheet on top and jack it carefully into place, then make and weld custom legs to suit before removing the jack......but all speculation unless we can see what the issues might be.

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Re: Wood fired pizza oven needing repair

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As Chris said, don't use ply.

Try getting hold of some compressed cement sheet used for external flooring and use it with supports under it. It has a fairly high span width too.
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