GMG pellets or...

Anything Wood Fire related (including what woods to use) pellet grills and pellets.
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Re: GMG pellets or...

Post by Grill Pro Australia » Thu Sep 03, 2015 10:52 pm

My advice is to try ALL the brands available in Australia as the burn time per kg & quality vary ALLOT!

PM me if you want my advice :wink:

Cheers, Dave
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Re: GMG pellets or...

Post by damianpyro » Thu Sep 03, 2015 11:59 pm

urbangriller wrote:
damianpyro wrote:Just tried Gold blend GMG, won't be going back to fruit wood, theres was something in it I did;t like.

It was OK, but gold is AWESOME!!!
Fruitwood is quite Light. The Gold Blend is fantastic! ......Wait till you try the Texas!

I'm thinking my last wagyu cape grim brisket with texas?? Got Maldon salt for it today.

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Re: GMG pellets or...

Post by ShireSteve » Fri Sep 04, 2015 5:50 pm

Just had it sprung on me that I'm grilling on Fathers Day this Sunday. After knocking back a generous offer of half a bag. I am now desperate to find a local if possible stockist of any brand of pellet near Sutherland Shire. Have 15 bags of GMG pellets coming soon but not before Sunday.
As I have a full day planned for tomorrow was hoping not to have to go to Silverwater or St Peters, Taren Point have none!
Any tips welcome


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