Should I import a Rec Tec pellet grill?

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Should I import a Rec Tec pellet grill?

Post by Shane007 »

Hi all, essentially I’m after a sub $2000 medium sized pellet grill that has both solid LTE and wifi capability and will easily last 10 plus years (Rec Tec has all stainless firebox/lid)

The closest I can find is a GMG Daniel Boone but it only has a stainless lid and its wifi “server mode” is reputedly unreliable. Traeger is just steel and their controller and drive is new and I’m not keen on first versions of anything.

Local AU support would certainly be preferable but not a deal breaker. Maybe there’s another manufacturer I’ve missed?

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Re: Should I import a Rec Tec pellet grill?

Post by Davo »

Hi Shane007,

None of the brands here offer full Stainless steel and i really don't think it's warranted, even Yoder which is the most expensive anywhere that is 100% compliant to every Australian safety standard doesn't have SS. Also Stainless steel isn't always good either, there are many grades of stainless steel and some of it is absolute crap and just a marketing gimick.

I'd say a GMG Daniel Boone with SS lid and Wifi for under $2K is your best bet.....most the time any reliabillity issue with the wifi usually only needs a software upgrade but wifi is not the be all and end all for BBQ. The best point with GMG is that it has a high pointed lid that enables you have larger cuts of meat like beer can chicken or huge turkeys, they have a fantastic reputation and the ones here are Australian complaint, not to the same spec as Yoders are but that's another story in Australia's introduction to pellet cookers.

I would NOT bother importing a brand who does not have service back-up in Australia and that you'll have to have it converted to 240V 10amp and Australian compliance plugs to make it fit for operation. Anything doing with electricity....forget importing as far as can advise.

There are definately SS brands of pellet cookers in America but they will be triple the cost that you are looking at.

Go and check out a real GMG retailer, pick their brains, tell them your concerns so they can inform you the best. I think it's the closest to what you need for the price...they are a good unit and have been in Australia long enough to have great support not only from the retailers but also from the importer Hark.


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Re: Should I import a Rec Tec pellet grill?

Post by zgrillsoz »

Hey mate, just got a couple of points for you to consider,
  • Davo is right, There are multiple grades of SS and it does not offer any performance benefits. It does, however, look pretty neat.

    Z Grills and GMG both have smokers with SS lids so that might be an option.
  • You mentioned you were after a grill with both "LTE and wifi capability". Correct me if I am wrong, but I am assuming you're referring to LTE 4G (Communication protocol). I am not aware of any brands offering LTE capabilities. In fact, there is no reason you will need LTE if it is already connected to your home wifi.
  • Australia has an unusually high nominal voltage. This can cause the ignition rod to have a higher rate of failure. Assuming you use a voltage converter and get it at the right voltage, you might find yourself in a bit of a nightmare situation if something else fails.
Personally, I would prefer to keep things simple. You might want to have a wifi TV to be able to stream your favourite content, but with a smoker with an active firepot and a pile of fuel, I would prefer to keep that off the network. Gives me a better peace of mind.

In saying that, what we are seeing a lot of Z Grill owners get themselves an Inkbird Wifi 4T BBQ Thermometer to monitor the cooking temperature.

You can check out our video review on that to see if this is something that might work for you.

Finally, while we may not offer a 10-year warranty, the feedback we're hearing from our customers is that they are genuinely surprised with the built quality when they first got their Z Grill.

ps, in case you haven't realised it by now, I'm fromZ Grills Australia team. While I gave you my personal opinion, I thought I should make you aware of my affiliation so you can make your own unbiased decision.
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