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Newbie post

Post by RoscoAngler069 » Mon Oct 14, 2019 9:35 am

Hi all, first post on this forum.

I'm new to the offset smoker game and so far have had 2 disasters using firstly Jarrah and then "Pizza Oven Wood". Both tasted very acidic and were no good at all. With the Jarrah catastrophe I was struggling to get a clean burn with the wood I had and there was a lot of white billowing smoke because of smoldering. The second attempt was a lot better with regard to getting the wood to ignite quicker using much smaller pieces (only a little bit of white billowing smoke but still present with every new stick added) but the taste was still shite. I have watched a heap of you-tube (mostly american) videos who all stress the importance of a clean burn with light blue smoke. I believe both lots of timber I used were not dry enough either.

Ok, my question is mostly to members who reside in Perth WA. What type of timber do you use and where do you get it ?

Thanks in advance for any feedback, I appreciate it.


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Re: Newbie post

Post by Davo » Mon Oct 21, 2019 6:00 pm

Hi Rosco,

One of the problems is with watching US based youtube is that the products including timber are different. They use a lot of Oak, Pecan, they use a lot of Hickory and mesquite all of which are different from here.

We have mainly Eucalyptus down here, not sure of Jarrah, could be a resinous type wood, not sure but I know it's native in WA, is it a softwood perhaps, I know they make outdoor furniture from it but have little to do with it. I do know that many of the earlier bbq carts supposedly made from Jarrah tend to fall apart after a few years.

Iron bark, red river gum & blackbutt, gidgee are good hard woods. I've never ventured into using much wood in BBQs, usually I use charcoal or heatbeads with wood chunks from different fruit trees for the smoking effect.

If in doubt, might be an idea to give a local arborist a call as they have to know their woods and which would be suitable for different purposes.

Possibly get some tips here, but sorry the original matrix chart had fallen victim to the terrible Photobucket scam when they locked everyone's 3rd party photos out and left a lot of holes in many forums but theres quite a bit of other info in here viewtopic.php?f=39&t=7924

Urbangriller and other consider Jarrah to be very strong...maybe not suitable for what you wanted to use it for or it was painted or treated.


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