Lucky mistake with dough

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Lucky mistake with dough

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I often use a bread machine to prep dough. The other day I set it all up before going out to make a batch that had a little higher water content than the recipe called for but was otherwise straight forward. I do use some milk powder in my dough recipe.

When i came home later I had a very wet mix foaming away that had proofed for maybe an hour. Using a spatula to inspect I realised that around half or more of the flour didn't mix in and was stuck in one corner. Being nearly out of flour I forced some into the liquid and turned the machine back on for a second knead cycle. A little extra flour was needed to adjust consistency once going.

The results were outstanding. Soft and pliable dough that was easy to work yet strong. Stretchy but soft. Once cooked a crisp lower surface (bit like one side/lamination of a Sao biscuit) but bubbly and chewy texture throughout. Mix of bubble sizes. Best I have ever done.

I have since tried to replicate the error by making a "sponge" first and then incorporating the remaining flour and salt during a second kneading. Great outcomes again. Worth trying. Not sure if it is just the proofing or the second kneading (half the flour only getting one) or both.
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Definitely. Try just incorporating the floor and salt and skipping the kneading, and allow the dough to rise all day. Less work and better results in my opinion.

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