What pizza did you cook?

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What pizza did you cook?

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Does anyone know if the traditional Neapolitan method of making pizza dough goes well on a standard electric oven?
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Re: What pizza did you cook?

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Usually they don't get hot enough.
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Re: What pizza did you cook?

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People have hacked off the safety latch on self cleaning ovens to get the high temps or used the grill to heat the oven because it had no temp control on it.

Both are pretty dangerous

I use 2 pizza stones and preheat them for about 20 minutes on full
Pizza takes about 10 to 12 minutes to cook, a true Neapolitan is about 30 seconds
My pizzas still taste excellent but I have been to Naples and theirs taste better but Im still very happy with my ones
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Re: What pizza did you cook?

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i usually cook mushroom pizzas on weekend and Alu pizza,baby corn some times too.
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Re: What pizza did you cook?

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Oh, what kind of pizzas I just didn't cook, I've already tried different ones: BBQ, Hawaiian, margarita, vegetarian ...

But I have one question: how do you feel about corn on pizza - because I just adore it, and my husband says that it's terrible. Judge us please :D
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