eBay sausage stuffers

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eBay sausage stuffers

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Hi everyone, I’ve been making sausage, both fresh and cured, for a couple of years now. Favourite fresh sausage to make is little marjoram-flavoured Nürnberger Bratwurst and favourite cured meat to make thus far is spicy Capocollo.

I use a Kenwood Chef mincer attachment and I’ve decided to bite the bullet and get a dedicated stuffer. It’s OK with fresh sausage but inevitably when I put my spiced & thoroughly kneaded salami mixture through the mincer attachment for stuffing, strings of fat & gristle get caught in the mechanism like fishing line round a propeller. It’s supposed to be all nicely bound together and squishy so it’s hardly surprising.

I was wondering if anyone has bought a Vevor or other generic brand geared sausage stuffer off eBay and had success. I was also wondering whether you lot prefer vertical or horizontal stuffers.
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Re: eBay sausage stuffers

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Hi mate,
a bloke I work with makes salami every year. Lots of it. I don't know what brand he uses but I do know it is the top quality Italian gear. Apparently very exxy.
Couple of years ago he needed to ramp up production so he purchased a cheap Chinese copy of ebay. It was delivered to work and when we inspected it, it was useless crap. Bad welding, joints that didn't fit together well etc.
he raised a dispute with ebay, got his money back and purchased a second good quality Italian made one.
There may be good copies out there but that's what I know so far.
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Re: eBay sausage stuffers


I just bought the cheapest stuffer i could find. $150 . When it came i it was a vector brand. seems to be well made, seamless and solid. I have not used it yet.


I expect the Italian Reber and other should be better and i almost considered them but for $300 more that’s a lot of meat. If I get caught i will buy a better one.
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Re: eBay sausage stuffers

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I guess the investment depends on how much you're likely to make and eat. it's like everything in life really, you get what you pay for, it's it's just for personal use or family, the cheaper one is possible adequate but if for semi-commercial use, it's an investment to get the best at the most reasonable price.
I've never tried making sausages, it looks a fun thing to do and you can see what goes into them. Salami's, pepperonis seem to have a higher fat content and a thicker or more dense fill.

Good luck with it...lots of info here it's just that not many come here anymore and they are in other forums, go check out smoke fire and food forum. Most that are over there used to be over here.


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