eBay sausage stuffers

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eBay sausage stuffers

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Hi everyone, I’ve been making sausage, both fresh and cured, for a couple of years now. Favourite fresh sausage to make is little marjoram-flavoured Nürnberger Bratwurst and favourite cured meat to make thus far is spicy Capocollo.

I use a Kenwood Chef mincer attachment and I’ve decided to bite the bullet and get a dedicated stuffer. It’s OK with fresh sausage but inevitably when I put my spiced & thoroughly kneaded salami mixture through the mincer attachment for stuffing, strings of fat & gristle get caught in the mechanism like fishing line round a propeller. It’s supposed to be all nicely bound together and squishy so it’s hardly surprising.

I was wondering if anyone has bought a Vevor or other generic brand geared sausage stuffer off eBay and had success. I was also wondering whether you lot prefer vertical or horizontal stuffers.
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Re: eBay sausage stuffers

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Hi mate,
a bloke I work with makes salami every year. Lots of it. I don't know what brand he uses but I do know it is the top quality Italian gear. Apparently very exxy.
Couple of years ago he needed to ramp up production so he purchased a cheap Chinese copy of ebay. It was delivered to work and when we inspected it, it was useless crap. Bad welding, joints that didn't fit together well etc.
he raised a dispute with ebay, got his money back and purchased a second good quality Italian made one.
There may be good copies out there but that's what I know so far.
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