Importing Gas Barbecues

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Importing Gas Barbecues

Post by Captain Cook » Tue Nov 29, 2011 11:04 am

This is direct from the website when you click on the gas BBQ tab.

I think that this is worthy of making a sticky.

It does not only apply to Weber BBQs but all gas BBQS in general

We have had inquires from members and have guests looking for info on BBQs from the internet. Some sellers even say that their regulator has AGA approval, which does not mean the BBQ has AGA approval, more than likely it doesn't.

The following gives you fair warning regarding AGA approvals. The rest is up to you.



All gas appliances in Australia, whether manufactured locally or
imported must comply with gas safety regulations administered by the various
government regulatory authorities.

South Australia Office of the Technical Regulator, Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure, SA
Queensland Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate, Safety and Health Department of Employment, QLD
Victoria Energy Safe Victoria, VIC
NSW Energy & Utilities Unit, Home Building Services, Department of Services, Technology & Administration, NSW
ACT Utilities Technical Regulation, ACT
Western Australia Energy Safety Division, Department of Commerce, WA
Tasmania Workplace Standards Tasmania, Department of Justice, TAS

In Australia it is illegal for a business or person to sell, or offer for sale, gas
appliances such as domestic barbecues without specific jurisdictional approval of
the regulatory authorities. This is achieved by issuance of a “Certificate of Com-
pliance” with the requirements of the applicable Australian Standards.
The State and Territory regulatory authorities require the recognised “Conformity
Assessment Bodies” (CABs) to conduct post-certification production surveillance to
provide ongoing assurance that the product being supplied to market is identical
to the sample originally assessed, the design of which was certified to comply with
safety requirements.
The growing popularity of internet and web-based sales has provided consumers with a
new-found opportunity to purchase many consumer items from overseas. Usually consumer
imported gas appliances (including Weber) are not compliant and therefore fail to meet
Australian gas safety requirements and regulations. They may not be safe to operate
in Australia and therefore may jeopardise public safety. For this and other reasons
all imported BBQs that do not comply with Australian Standard 4557 or Australian
Standard 2658 should not be sold or used in Australia.
In Australia a compliance plate is attached to each barbecue that has been
approved for use. It is evidence that the appliance has met the relevant
Australian Standards. Barbecues without an Australian compliance plate should not
be used. Use of such non compliant barbecues may have serious insurance and public
liability ramifications.
Only an approved CAB is able to certify a gas appliance and issue a
compliance plate. Weber is not an approved CAB and therefore is re-
grettably unable to service, warranty or modify imported barbecues
that are non compliant.

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Re: Importing Gas Barbecues

Post by Card Shark » Sat Aug 11, 2012 8:18 pm

Here's a link to the AGA 2012 approved list. Do a quick search (CTRL - F) to find a BBQ your looking at. Seems a lot are ok.


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