Weber Genesis Help!

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Weber Genesis Help!

Post by xomox » Sat Nov 16, 2019 12:58 pm


I saw an old thread discussing this before the new Genesis was released but now that it has been released can anyone tell me the difference between the LX E-440 and the 455? The shop I went to are selling the LX E-440 and the salesman said there is absolutely no difference in them. They are exactly the same price. Which one should I get? The other thread said they were told the hood is smaller and something is plastic instead of metal on the new one, does that mean I should get the older model?

Thanks in advance for any help. It's so much money and a christmas gift for my hubby so I want to make sure I am getting the right thing!

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Re: Weber Genesis Help!

Post by Davo » Sat Nov 16, 2019 2:35 pm

Hi there and welcome xomox,

After looking at the Weber Australia website, I couldn't get any info on the LX E440 so I'm assuming that this could be an older model, the page was no longer loadable but I had no trouble looking at the Genesis II E-455 and from another page I found the E440 and I couldn't find any really noticeable difference so it could be that the E455 could be the newer model that superceded the 440...I can't be sure but both of them incorporate the new GS4 cooking system which is redesigned burners, flavouriser bars and fat dripping system.
Both being 4 Burner plus side burner, it looks at they both have the same heat output so really it's probably nothing unless theres accessories that are included but it's looking that the 440 is the older model.

Irrespective to which one you buy, be assured you'll still be out there grilling/roasting and having fun with it in 15 years from now, they are a great grill. They have a great 10 year warranty and in my experience, if something goes wrong, a Weber guy will come out to fix it.

The Genesis models have changed greatly over the past decade, they used to be only 3 burners running East/West but had changed to the North/South design a few years ago, probably because most Aussies didn't want the East/West design...they just didn't know how to utilise it.

Anyway xomox, anyone you select should be a great buy...just ask the dealer if the E440 is an older model and if so, any run-out discounts on them....Weber aren't known for big discounting but it can't hurt to ask...they won't tell you other wise.

Happy BBQing....lucky hubby...wish my wife more generous :lol:


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Re: Weber Genesis Help!

Post by Captain Cook » Mon Dec 02, 2019 11:09 pm

Call Weber Australia and ask them.
The salesman may be trying to sell you old stock.

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