What BBQ to buy?

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What BBQ to buy?

Post by AJS » Thu Sep 20, 2018 7:02 am

Hi All,
First time user on this forum. I know there may be plenty of topics on this but can’t seem to find what I’m looking for.
I’m after a new gas bbq. I want advice on what to buy.
I was initially looking at the Weber Genisus E410 for $1499 but now I’m in two minds about it.
One, I’m not sure if I want to spend that much and two I’m not used to hood down cooking. I do like the sturdy construction though.
On the other hand I was looking at a Beefeater Discovery or signiture but will be in the same boat again.

Which would you choose out of those two?

Also, what other BBQs are good for under $1000 that you would consider?

Mates keep telling me a BBQ is a BBQ you don’t need to spend that much. What do you think?

I’m in Melbourne Australia, so any help on what and where to buy would be awesome..

Thanks Legends

Mainey . . .
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Re: What BBQ to buy?

Post by Mainey . . . » Tue Sep 25, 2018 7:17 am

The Weber with the cream coloured top cooks 3 ways, it acts like an oven as well as cooking with direct heat from the gas pipe and also the heat retained in the thick / wide griddle bars.

Pick a Weber by the size of the cooking surface you need and take it home :)
I think you get about 6 steaks on a Baby Weber, sizes then go up, so how many steaks do you cook now?
The 'oven' cooking effect is better with the smallest internal area you need.

Must admit when I first used the weber I was looking at smoke coming from the vents but could not touch or see the steaks cooking, I had to sit and watch and wait till the 5 or 4 minute buzzer went off then flip the steak and drop the lid again, it gets boring.

I use Porter house steaks cut thick, or large rib steaks with bone in, I oil them, then cover in Pepper corn from a grinder on each side.

Get the temp right up there and then add the steak, drop the lid and wait 5 mins, pick up the lid, turn the steak in a different unused griddle area, drop the lid and set the timer for 4 minutes.

Is nothing like the conventional BBQ experience.
An experienced cook & now a Weber Baby 'Q' devotee...
it's a very different world where you can smell but can't see what's happening with your food

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