Newbie after advice

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Newbie after advice

Post by rossco2501 » Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:35 am

Hi all,

I've been a keen amateur BBQer for years, but having moved around a lot have never invested much money in a decent BBQ. I'm currently looking at getting a free-standing, probably 4 burner, gas BBQ - ideally for no more than $1000, maybe $1100 at a push.

Any recommendations - so far I'm drawn towards the Masport s/s, Masport MB4400 or the Beefeater Discovery. However, I can't really find any reliable feedback on any of them - so I'm completely open to suggestions from people who no what they're talking about.

Fire away.......



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Re: Newbie after advice

Post by excited-newbie » Thu Sep 13, 2018 3:53 pm

hi rosco2501
have you looked at the weber genesis e310 which is a 3 burner I think I could be wrong but they have a 4 burner aswell go to a weber specialist and they will gladly help you out. the beefeater is now made in china and was a competitor of weber weber as far as I am concerned are the best to by
and their after sales service is second to none hope this helps


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Re: Newbie after advice

Post by Davo » Thu Sep 13, 2018 11:20 pm

There are very few BBQs that are Not made in China these days and most from large well known companies such as Masport, Beafeater, Gasmate and the likes but not everything made in China is substandard, in fact much of the mid to high end products are very well made and not to be dissed. Weber however are made in the USA except the Weber Spirit which is Chinese made to compete with the lower end of the market. Weber has always been a premium brand and never the cheapest but they are always good investments due to the warranty, service back-up and their performance.
I had a Masport, coming from weber, I didn't like them much...mine was a 6 burner and it went through gas faster than a V8 supercar and used to flare-up on me all the time....I went back to using a Weber Q320 Family size.
For $1,200 you can buy a new FamilyQ and a Charcoal Kettle too...lots of versatilty.

I'm not saying the Masport are no good, they may have made many improvements since I had mine...I know that they are very well built and solid as a rock...I know coz I had to put mine no qualms about the quality.....

I don't think you'll get the beefeater for that money but you'll get a Rinnai, Gasmate, weber Q (all models)

If I'm ever in the market for a new BBQ, I'm more than likely move towards a pellet smoker/'ll do just about anything...slow/hot....i had a Traeger before and loved it...had to sell it coz I had no-where to put it...kicking myself now.
Theres some great pellet smokers around for not much more than $1200...maybe more around $1700. But i'll always have a Weber cooking over live coals.


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Re: Newbie after advice

Post by Mainey . . . » Fri Sep 14, 2018 5:39 pm

:idea: Look at the size of the grill bars on the BBQ.
Try and get them as close together as possible with thick (wide) grill bars to rest the steaks on.

A good comparison is the weber v Ziegler & Brown.
On the Z & B it looks like half the grill bars are missing and they are very thin in comparison.

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