Unusual problem - flamethrower

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Unusual problem - flamethrower

Post by davemal » Tue Mar 27, 2018 4:27 pm


I have an unusual & uncommon problem (I think) with my Bugg - it lives under a cover on our rear deck with a roof. I pulled it out the other day after not using it for a couple of weeks and it wouldnt light.

After some poking around I discovered the problem. The flamethrowers are ignited by a spark from a small metal spike/electrode mounted in a ceramic/plastic block. Much like a spark plug. The wire to this electrode (not sure of the correct term) is insulated with a woven heat resistant material because of the high heat environment.

What i suspect has happened is that over time the woven fabric has absorbed fine fat splatter to the point that it has become an attractive meal for some vermin. When I looked at the back of the bbq the ignition wires were pretty much stripped clean. On 1 burner the wire was somehow stripped and disconnected from the electrode and the other side was stripped and shorting out on the body. There is a pic of the electrode removed from the bbq.

No idea what animal was the culprit - no evidence of rats around or any poo that I could see.....regardless, I need to replace both wires from the switch to the electrodes - and probably also the electrodes themselves as the wires appear to be permanently fixed.

Before going to beefeater, does anyone know if these are a generic part ? Anyone had this happen before ? Ideas to prevent it happening again ? Can the electrode be removed from the body so that the wire can be replaced ?

Any comments appreciated.

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Re: Unusual problem - flamethrower

Post by davemal » Thu Apr 26, 2018 9:58 am


Thought that I would update the thread in case someone else has the same problem

1. After some more research it appears that mice are the likely culprits
2. I tried repairing the wire using a fibreglass heat resistant insulation that I got from Jaycar. I suspect that the original wires were tinned (??) or just better insulated as when I fired a spark, it just shorted onto the body straight through the new insulation !
3. After lots of stuffing around I found that beefeater do have just the wires as a spare part - called piezo ignition wire and they were $5 a pop. Postage was a killer but thats another story.
4. I put some of the fibreglass stuff that I bought over them to give some more protection.

Its now fixed, see how we go from now

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Re: Unusual problem - flamethrower

Post by the dane » Thu Apr 26, 2018 10:27 pm

Wow. Mice

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