Stick with what I know or Weber?

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Re: Stick with what I know or Weber?

Post by oxcart78 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:41 pm

Hi there,
I was in the market for a new BBQ many years ago now. I wanted a Weber, however I thought they were quite expensive and didn't really know what to expect from I bought a Jackaroo 6 burner hooded BBQ instead.
The BBQ was ok but not great..anyways, I sold that about 3 weeks ago and finally upgraded to a Weber Q3200.. This beast is awesome and I wish I had bought one earlier! You will not regret your decision. My first cook was a 10/10..and everything I've cooked since has been near perfect. The iGrill 2 has also been a great accessory too while I master a slightly different approach to cooking.

Good luck with your purchase.

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Re: Stick with what I know or Weber?

Post by 12x7 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:45 pm

Arturo wrote:
Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:25 pm
Thanks for that - I probably should've looked up the forum rules!

Had a look at a local Weber store and the Q2200 looks like it would be big enough for our purposes. SWMBO is also happy with the portability aspect.

But I have a fly-in-the-ointment. The trolley I have actually belongs to my daughter. My vegetarian daughter. Who would not appreciate the risk of splatters on her trolley :shock:

So, if I did get the Q2200, I would need to get the cart or a stand of some description which takes the price closer to the Q3200. Decisions decisions.

Also, are Weber sellers open to discounting? Or is it a case of "we have good stuff, we're not discounting"?
Yes. There’s two types. The specialist who carry a wide range of Q like Q2200 and the others like Myer who carry a limited range like Q2100. So in easy to grasp terms if you want an inbuilt thermometer and a larger hood for an extra $20 go to the specialist.

If they don’t want to drop the price. Haggle for freebies to throw-in. Eg dual probe thermometer.

Another way to get one on the cheap is via frequent flyer points. Weber Q are popular items in these programs.

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Re: Stick with what I know or Weber?

Post by Powderdigit » Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:02 pm

If they don’t want to drop the price. Haggle for freebies to throw-in. Eg dual probe thermometer.
Yep, that's the way I went - try to get a few extra bits thrown in. In my experience, they trade on quality and are reluctant to reduce price of the unit but there seems to be some movement in the extras.

Also ... we have just had hard rubbish in our area ... very rare to find a Weber; indeed, this year I didn't see any. Lots of other bbq's though -now that may be just a volume thing - more of other brands out there but perhaps its another sign of quality.

I hope you enjoy whatever BBQ comes your way.



PS - As an aside, I have now had the Gen 2 LX for about three/four weeks - loving it and ...because I am loving it - cooking more. Just yesterday banged some Salmon fillets on hot plate and chicken thigh on the grill - a butter/dill/lemon sauce on the side burner. My wife was stoked because the house didn't smell of salmon and I was happy with a beer in hand just banging away on a quality piece of kit. Next test - two weeks time - pork and crackling on the kettle, turkey on the Gen 2 spit - practicing xmas via a poker night with the neighbours.

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Re: Stick with what I know or Weber?

Post by Arturo » Sun Dec 17, 2017 5:28 pm

Some closure?

We pulled the trigger on a Q2200. Not much wriggle room on the price - girl said low margin, but after trolling the interwebs, probably more a case of not much competition in the Weber suppliers?! No matter.

Got the portable stand - as mentioned above, the vegetarian daughter would not be impressed with meat spatter on her drink trolley. I also decided to get the half hotplate, trivet and convection tray to experiment with roasting. They are also throwing in a free cover this weekend.

So, now just have to wait for Santa to officially "deliver" it then can start playing. Thanks for the advice above :)

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Re: Stick with what I know or Weber?

Post by Davo » Mon Dec 18, 2017 1:00 am

Awesome...I had one of the mid sized Q220 a few years back.....stupidly sold it to buy a huge Masport Gas eating BBQ....big I sold it to a mate who still loves it and I bought the Family Q with the proceeds.

Don't forget when Santa delivers it to you, make sure you get on the Weber Australia website to register the BBQ so that if something does go wrong, they've got your name in the warranty register.

Once you get used to lid down grilling.....I guarantee you won't go back to the old ways :D

I tried going back with the Masport...didn't work for me....I was too Weberised :lol: :lol:

Merry Xmas

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Re: Stick with what I know or Weber?

Post by 12x7 » Thu Dec 21, 2017 12:37 am

Nice set-up :)

Next Christmas it looks like your place will be the place to go.

Enjoy the new way of cooking.

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Re: Stick with what I know or Weber?

Post by Mainey . . . » Sat Dec 23, 2017 12:50 pm

Ok, so you have an old 4 burner now that your going to replace

I did the same .......... after tasting some steaks on a Weber Q

I cut my old 4 burner up and used it as the base for my Weber Q :wink:
removed the 4 x burners and griddles etc and had a malamine board made the size of the gap
So it could be a 'table top' for the Weber to sit on :)
Then had a malamine board made to fit on the front and cover the area where the control knobs used to be
Weber Baby 'Q' table finished.jpg
Weber Baby 'Q' table finished.jpg (31.42 KiB) Viewed 643 times
Now you have the new BBQ platform and two serving trays
In my case I wanted to keep the wok burner too, so have one tray :)
Gas bottle still hangs the same way off the frame on right side.
An experienced cook & now a Weber Baby 'Q' devotee...
it's a very different world where you can smell but can't see what's happening with your food

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