Yellow flame

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Yellow flame

Post by OldNick » Tue Sep 12, 2017 11:07 am

Not quite the usual quesgtion about this.

I have a honking great 4 ring crab burner. I actually use it for super-searing steak, before or after a slow cook. (allergic to shelfish :cry: ).

It's also very handy for seasoning or re-seasoning griddles and my Dutch Oven.

The centre, smallest ring is yellow flamed. It will stay yellow flamed until it's turned right down to a flicker. IIRC it used not to do this.

AFAIK, the reason for yellow flame is not enough air for the gas going through.

I have wound the mixture screw right back out of the opening to the air inlet. I have checked the tunnel to the burner and thought I had found the reason: a spider had made a web in there. AHA! Sez I. But after carefully cleaning it out, it still burns yellow. I have checked and it burns yellow even if the other burners are off, so it seems not to be them stealing the air.

Anyone got any ideas about where next? It's noit crucial,. as the centre burner hardly makes or breaks the output of this thing, but it's so bad that if I turn on that burner, I have quite a job cleaning the the soot off bottom of whatever was on there.

Thanks for any help


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