Grandfire 38"

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Grandfire 38"

Post by Edoardo »

Hi guys, wondering if I can get a bit of help.

I've recently bought a Grandfire 38" in-built. Started putting together my outdoor kitchen. I am really wondering what this cord is for? It's a 2pinM12 connector - almost like a thermocouple cabling or an AC/DC converter. But feel like I am missing something.

The manual for the GrandFire talks about an electrical connection but that's what came with the BBQ?

Any ideas?

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Rick Ag
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Re: Grandfire 38"

Post by Rick Ag »

Hi Edoardo. I was wondering what your experience of the grandfire has been. Im thinking of buying one.
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Re: Grandfire 38"

Post by Lovey »

G'day Rick Ag,
I don't think that you'll get an answer from that particular user as they were last seen here in 2019.
If searching on this site doesn't yield any results, you could try on the Smoke Fire and Food forum, which has a very knowledgable group of people.
All the best,
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