Lost in Translation

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Lost in Translation

Post by urbangriller »

Took Management to Yum Cha on the weekend, this was outside the restaurant.......do you think they mean Mouth Watering?


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Lost in Translation

Post by wedwards »

Nah mate .... That's chicken cooked in the saliva of the chef.....super tasty :)

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Post by mb403 »

Corecto chris, it means chicken is so nice it makes you drool. Delicious chicken or mouthwatering chicken as we would say

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Re: Lost in Translation

Post by Bill44 »

To be a little technical about it, very few languages have any where near as many words in their vocabulary as English, which has a plethora (do you like that one?) of words to describe every nuance(another one) :mrgreen: of a situation. For example Thai relies on single words having up to 5 different meanings depending on the inflection at the end of the word or the context in which it is used.

The above is the reason why we see such humorous signs in other countries, where the translation is usually done by a person with English as their second language. In the early 1960's I was subject to the workshop manuals for Japanese motorcycles written by Japanese who thought they could speak English, many a rolling on the ground laugh was had by the blokes in the workshop.
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